Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mr Keep Hamasah

Dear Mr. Keep Hamasah

Hi... Mr Keep Hamasah ^_^
Do you know what I feel?
I feel good now
Do you know why?
Because I understand what you have done to me

Hi... Mr Keep Hamasah ^_^
Apologize because I just realized what you have done to me
I know, you choose this path because "you want to save us"
I should be grateful to you
Now I can see clearly

Hi... Mr Keep Hamasah ^_^
Listen to me and look at me
I want to say
Arigatou Gozaimasu Mr Keep Hamasah


Anonymous said...

waaah..bahasa sandi nii..

coba saya pecahkan :thinking:

oo..i got the message :D

knowvie said...

he2x jd malu euy ^_^
mudah2xan yg d maksud jga bisa "got the message" he2x....^_^

winwin said...

ehm... ehm.. :D